New This Week

New This Week

These are our classes scheduled NEW for the week

New This Week
  • Mat Pilates | Megan | 4/19

    Megan’s Mat Pilates classes challenge the body and mind with safe, effective and fun movements. In this 45 min low impact class, appropriate for all fitness levels, Megan engages your core as you work the entire time to strengthen, lengthen and tone every major muscle group (even muscles you didn...

  • Yin/Yang Flow Live w/Music | Wendy | 4/21

    Calm the body and the mind in this slow moving yoga class. Wendy guides you through 45 minutes of both yin holds and a gentle flow. We complete the practice with a 15 minute guided music meditation. Wendy presents students with a strong flow tempered by common sense and compassion. She wants stud...

  • BootCamp Express | Araceli | 4/23

    Take 40 minutes and work all parts of your body in this tabata based bootcamp express. Modify up or down as you need.
    Araceli's playful energy creates space for self-discovery, those inexplicable “aha!” moments, and an inner revolution of sorts.

  • Rise & Shine Power Flow Live w/Music | Araceli | 4/24

    Release. Renew. Rise and Shine with wife and husband duo, Araceli and Gavin. Mindfully move through your limitations in this loving yet strong and playful breath driven Power Flow. Gavin’s original music and Araceli’s nurturing voice will carry you through a unique journey.
    Araceli’s class...

  • Sunday Service Yoga Flow Live w/Music | Wendy | 4/25

    Be where the magic happens! Join Wendy and Gabe for their weekly ritual of movement and music. Expect a mindful yet vigorous 60 minute Vinyasa Flow set to soulful Sounds performed by Gabe Harris.
    Wendy loves to get upside down and her classes inspire others to face their fears while defying grav...